How to get a good deal on new windows

Getting new windows installed can be a pricey ordeal. Whether you’re only replacing one, or you’re replacing them all, you’ll want to get the best deal possible on windows. This is especially true for those on a bit of a tighter budget. However, like with most things in life, there are ways to save on your new windows. So before you call in your local glazier, take a look a the following ways to get the best deal on your new windows:

Skip on anything unnecessary

When it comes to windows, there are a vast variety of different kinds. There are tempered glass, safety glass and even bullet resistant glass windows. There are plexiglas windows as well. Some windows even have stop excess heat entering through them. These are called low emissivity glass.

While all of these functions are really great, they come at a price. You should decide, according to your budget, which, if any, of the above you need. Many people feel like they can go without any extras at all. Others feel that they need safety glass as a minimum. Which is actually still affordable. Tempered glass is very durable and a good option safety wise. Depending on your families need as well as your own and on the budget, you should choose the best option. And cut out any unnecessary costs. Some people even go as far as installing the trim themselves, instead of having it done for them.


When looking for pricing on your new windows, don’t be afraid to negotiate. The worst that can happen is that you’re refused, but you’d be surprised just how many companies are open to it. The industry can be quite competitive and companies may be willing to negotiate to attract business. If you’re getting quite a few new windows installed you can ask for a discount for buying a bulk amount. The bigger your order the more happily they’ll accommodate you. But remember to bare in mind that the company does need to make a profit and so you shouldn’t bank on getting too much off.

Be choosy on materials

It’s a fact with everything that there are going to be cheaper and more expensive ways of doing things.  This is particularly true when it comes to materials. The great thing is that with materials for your windows, the lower costing options are just as great as the expensive. For example,  wood is the most expensive window frame material. It is beautiful and traditional but it also requires maintenance. While vinyl on the other hand is the cheapest option. It is great looking and requires virtually no maintenance at all.  A happy medium price wise is Fiberglass. However, fiberglass is know to be a tricky material if not maintained correctly or if it ages badly.

Be traditional

When it comes to windows, the most common and most traditional are often the cheapest. Windows that are not rectangular or square tend to be more expensive. Just like bay and bow windows. Stay clear of hexagonal, circular and curved windows. These are where the costs can come in. The best windows you can choose are:

  • Double-hung windows – Which open or close by sliding the sashes up and down. These are some of the most popular and common window type. Single hung windows are also a good option. These only have one movable sash each.
  • Sliders – These open by sliding it’s panes from side to side. Quite like a glass sliding door. As they do not open outwards they’re great as Windows that overlook narrow parts of the yard.
  • Casement windows – Is one singular pane of glass that is hinged and opens vertically. They usually have a leaver/latch to keep them open and from slamming.
  • Fixed windows – Which do not open at all, are great for areas in the home where you want to highlight the view.


Get some quotes and compare for the best deals. Large dealers may have a wide variety for you to be able to find what you’re looking for at a fair price. But some dealers only stock one brand, this limits the choices you have as well as the price range you have. The more you compare prices the better chance you have of getting a great deal. You may find that your local glaziers have excellent rates. Start  by contacting some companies with good reputation so and go from there. You’ll be able to choose the deal that suits you the best. Local glaziers are not just about glass repair wimbledon.

If you are on a budget, don’t over look the any of the above. With these in mind, you can save yourself time and money when you’re looking to bag a bargain on windows.

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