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Replacing the windows in my house

We have just bought a lovely new house in the country and isn’t a new-ish house it is a rather old house but it is beautiful and we love it. When we bought it when you that it needed some work doing to it which included new Windows new doors paint work regarding needed lots of work as well but we are prepared to do that because of the house so lovely in the perfect location.

We have put a lot of work into our new house we have had the inside repainted and have for some interesting colours we like white so white was used quite a lot but also we wanted to use a different colour on a feature wall which we did and we went for grey which we thought was fantastic it works really well.

We also needed to get our windows replaced which is quite an interesting job because there are so many windows to replace. Trying to count the number of windows wasn’t easy because windows are everywhere the small ones big ones rooflights glass door is double glazing triple glazing single glazing the window question is quite extensive. We weren’t sure which sort of windows we wanted to use as you know there are lots and lots of different types of windows old new style so we weren’t sure basically.

We eventually counted all the windows and they were 48 which seems like a lot but is the actual number we have in our house and doing some simple sums that was a lot of money to replace them all at once. The issue of course is getting all the windows replaced in the same format and the same style is not a simple thing to do and a great expensive though it is worth it in the long run because otherwise you have to get a glazier to come back and re-fit windows and getting a glazier isn’t easy in the first place and usually an expensive item so it’s best to plan the use of a glazier upfront.

We next needed to find a good glazier this isn’t an easy thing to do because we have no experience of the local glaziers in our area. Therefore we spoke to our friends and our new neighbours in our lovely little village to find out who they thought where good glaziers and who were not. We found a few glaziers that were recommended by our neighbours and friends we really wanted a local glazier to do the work because it’s always useful to have someone local and go back to if you have any problems especially with glass and windows.

We drew up a shortlist of glaziers came to 3 glaziers that we wanted to use so we contacted all 3, 2 of them were local and one of them was a national company and we got quotes from all three of them. Surprisingly the national company was not the cheapest, we have thought that being a national company it would’ve been cheaper because of the size and scale. We were pleased that the local company we actually preferred was the cheapest and it seems to be the most professional.

We contacted the local glazier that was the cheapest and the one we liked from the 3 to try and get some more discount because you should always try I think. We managed to get an extra 10% off of the price which was fantastic because the total cost for all the windows was a very large number it was in the thousands of pounds so very very expensive therefore, to get 10% off was a great achievement I thought and I would do because it was me who got the extra 10% off :-).

The glazier we chose was a local one as I mentioned earlier and the name of the glazier is They came around to our house within four days of the order which was fine because that’s the time frame we wanted and they started work which lasted for about four days again which was agreed with us so we are very happy with the work I put in and the level of craftsmanship they adopted to get the windows in place and the way they cleared up and the whole way they dealt with the project, we were very very impressed.

I think the moral of the story is, it is important to take your time plan things and research your suppliers we had a great experience and very pleased with the windows so hopefully this is a little not lesson but maybe some advice on how to handle this if you’re thinking of replacing your own windows in your house.

Thank you for reading this I hope it has helped as I said earlier if you have any comments please get back to us with your email address and I will be happy to explain any more if I can be of any help to you thank you for now bye-bye.