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How excess weight affects a person

In our world today, there are many people who have struggle with some degree of excess weight. At some point or another, most of us will have weight issues of smell kind at some point. Our bodies are always changing and morphing. It is almost a direct display of our health. Our bodies are the first sign when anything is wrong with us health wise. If our bodies are not in the state they should be then they will reflect that in one way or another. When carrying excess weight it can have huge affects on the body. Both mentally and physically. The effects of this can last long after the weight is lost. But losing the weight is the best way to become a healthier happier you. Here’s why:

Mentally damaging

Being overweight have a hugely negative effect mentally. Obese people are 55% more likely to develop depression. This is just further testimony as to how much your weight can affect you mentally. Many overweight people suffer from a very low self-esteem. They feel anxious, ashamed and worthless. It’s easy to begin feeling trapped, like a failure and strong feeling of regret. All these are very likely contributions to the depression. The pressure to lose the weight can also contribute to this. Many try to lose the weight, put too much pressure on themselves and as a result they do not progress. The person may then beat themselves up about it. This can further lead to depression and even further weight gain at time. This is because people suffering from depression are 58% more likely to become obese. The two are clearly linked. It can become a vicious circle and it can begin to feel like you’re drowning.

Physical side effects

There is a wide variety of physical issue and risks that being overweight creates. These in essence stop a person from functioning at the full potential as well as be fatal. Here are some of the very many side effects of excess weight on the body:

  • Headaches
  • Heart disease – by being overweight you are 32% more likely to suffer from heart disease. If you’re obese that goes up to a whopping 81% chance.
  • Dementia (Alzheimer’s)
  • Asthma
  • Sleep apnea – this is characterised by a loud snoring with periodic waking. Many people who have it, do not realise that they do. This can cause not only drowsiness but other more serious issues. These include increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Blood clots – blog clots are extremely dangerous and even fatal. Blood clots cause strokes.
  • Leg and ankle swelling – when overweight, a lot of strain gets put onto the body. Your joints have to literally support all that weight. Ankles and legs are probably the most pressured points. This can affect ones capability of participating in physical activities.
  • Arthritis – the sheer weight of the excess weight can increase your risk of osteoporosis and bone thinning.
  • Diminished liver function
  • Digestive and metabolic issues
  • Hormonal imbalances – Overweight women have higher levels of male hormones in their bodies. This increases their risk of heart disease. These hormones are also responsible for male pattern baldness, excess facial hair as well as acne. However, that isn’t the worst hormone problem weight can create. Being overweight will affect your insulin levels. This can lead to diabetes.

With all these very scary negatives that cone along with excess weight, it is very easy to see why it is important to get back into a healthy state. To achieve this would be lengthening your life and improving it’s quality greatly.

Lasting effects of excess weight

As one loses weight they will become more healthy. They’ll be able to get around more easily, lessen their risk of heart attacks and strokes. Unfortunately the mental damage isn’t as simply overcome. The effects of a low self-image can last for very many years after weight loss has occurred.  Many formerly obese people have said the still carry “phantom fat” and when they look at their bodies they see themselves as how they used to be. They still think the way they did while they were carrying the extra weight. They still carry the negative thoughts of themselves. They still have the embarrassment and feelings of worthlessness. These issues can be worked through however, if the person remembers to go easy on themselves and be patient with the process.

Weight loss is a journey that takes a while but the results are actually really worth it. When you start feeling better you’ll just be that much more motivated to continue. Many people who have turned their lives around swear it was the most liberating thing they’ve ever done.